Alfredo was born in the community of Santa Barbara, Suchitepéquez in 1984. He has always enjoyed nature since a young child with his classmates and with his father working in the fields.

His first opportunity to work in Santiago Atitlan was as a driver, and in 2014, he began a pilot birdwatching course with his brother Rolando. The next year, there was an opportunity for more training with the Audubon Society, and this is when the birding adventure really began. Alfredo has successfully completed the Basic Birdwatching Guide Course and Advanced Birdwatching Guide Course through the Audubon Society.

Alfredo is particularly skilled in identifying different bird species by their songs. His favorite bird is the Blue-crowned Chlorophonia, which was the first bird he learned to identify and he can imitate their call to attract them.

Santiago Atitlan

Rey Tepepul, Paquisis, Los Tarrales, Atitlan Volcano

Spanish, English

Currently ranked #1 at hotspot “Mirador Rey Tepepul” in both recent visits and number of species (subject to change).

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