I am a young Tz’utujil Guatemalan born in Santiago Atitlan, a community located on the south side of the famous Lake Atitlan. I lived in my house as an infant and completed an evangelical primary school in my hometown. At ten years old, I migrated to Guatemala City where I lived for 6 years before returning back to my hometown to continue my studies.

In 2005, I knew someone working as a tourism guide and I always asked him about climbing the volcanoes. I had always enjoyed the mountains but I had never climbed one, there are three volcanoes surrounding my community. So one day I went to climb one, it was San Pedro Volcano. This is where my interest in a career in tourism began and I decided to study for a degree in Tourism and Hotel Administration. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I had to wait a year until I could find work to be a Tourism Guide.

In 2012, I completed my studies to be an accredited Tourism Guide, even though I had been working as a guide since 2008. But now I have the legal and academic requirements from INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute). My passion has always been for adventure activities and I have specialized as an Adventure Tourism Guide.

I have hiked and explored almost all the volcanoes in Guatemala and I’m currently practicing other activities like mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, rappelling and whitewater rafting. However, in the last few years I have specialized in birdwatching.

I am licensed by INGUAT as a General Tourism Guide number 1141.

Santiago Atitlan

Tepepul, Paquisis

Tz’utujil, Spanish, English

+502 4182 3842

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