Camino a Tierra Linda is one of 3 birding routes accessible from Panajachel and is the old road to the community of Tierra Linda.

The “camino” is more of trail than road and offers excellent view corridors across the valley and up the forested slopes.

The valley floor has agricultural fields and other human activities, mixed with natural forested slopes.

It is an excellent option for a quick, convenient birding walk that is close to town, relatively easy, with some nice surprises.

Current site checklist includes 105 species.

Mixed Forest – Pine/Oak, areas of cultivation along river, Dry Forest

  1. Slender Sheartail
  2. Bushy-crested Jay
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Total Distance: 2 miles
Elevation Change: <200 ft
Difficulty rating: Easy

Pick-up at your Panajachel hotel.

Private Land, public road.

  1. Carlos Aguilar
  2. Pablo Chumil
  3. Elias Soliz