Paquisis is one of the oldest volcanoes in the watershed.

The trail is an Ancient Maya trading route to the Pacific and passes through Montane, Mixed and Cloud Forests.

The 2.5 mile hike climbs about 2500 ft. Lower part hosts Belted Flycatcher and upper reaches is Horned Guan & Wine-throated Hummingbird habitat.

While this trail is strenuous, it is probably the easiest place to see Horned Guan in Guatemala.

Montane Forest, Mixed Forest, Cloud Forest

  1. Belted Flycatcher
  2. Horned Guan
  3. Wine Throated Hummingbird
  4. Pink-headed Warbler
  5. Garnet-throated Hummingbird
Duration: 4 hours
Total Distance: 3.8 miles
Elevation Change: ~2,500ft
Difficulty rating: Strenuous

Public pier Santiago Atitlan or San Pedro La Laguna.

Sturdy hiking shoes for rocky trail.

Municipal Park

  1. Rebeca
  2. Diego
  3. Rolando
  4. Salvador