The San Pedro Volcano hike is famous for the Horned Guan and steep grade. 200 species have been register for the hike.

The “Mirador” is about halfway up (1.2 miles) and ~1,700 ft climb. Horned Guan habitat starts at about 1.7 miles and a 2,600 ft. climb.

To reach the summit you need to climb 2.3 miles and 3,750 ft total elevation gain.

Montane Forest

  1. Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbianus)
  2. Wine-throated Hummingbird (Atthis ellioti)
  3. Green-throated Montain-gem (Lampornis viridipallens)
  4. Emerald-chinned Hummingbird (Abeillia abeillei)
  5. Rufous Sabrewing (Campylopterus rufus)
  6. Blue-throated Motmot (Aspatha gularis)
  7. Hairy Woodpecker (Guatemalan) (Picoides villosus (v. sactorum))
  8. Northern Flicker (Guatemalan) (Colaptes auratus (a. mexicanoides))
  9. Black-throated Jay (Cyanolyca pumilo)
  10. Bushy-crested Jay (Cyanocorax melanocyaneus)
  11. Rufous-collared Robin (Turdus rufitorques)
  12. Blue-and-white Mockingbird (Melanotis hypoleucus)
  13. Black-capped Siskin (Spinus atriceps)
  14. Hooded Grosbeak (Coccothraustes abeillei)
  15. Pink-headed Warbler (Cardelina versicolor)
Duration: 9 hours
Total Distance: 4.4 miles
Elevation Change: ~3,750
Difficulty rating: Strenuous

The Visitor Center or San Pedro La Laguna public pier.

Sturdy shoes, very steep grade.

Municipal Park

  1. Benjamin Hernández
  2. Germán Cholotio