I am a nature lover. Since I was small, I had the opportunity to live in places surrounded by trees, birds, and mountains. I am descended from two Maya cultures, K’iché and Kaqchiquel.
I lived my childhood in the Boca Costa (coastal piedmont), where I successfully completed my first six years of education in the Rural Mixed School. I always participated in the archeological activities that took place on the private farm that had these attractions.

As time passed, the farm began to change the type of planting and dismissing various workers, the majority of which had experience in planting and cultivating corn (maize). For this reason my parents had to leave the farm and look for another place for a new start with me and my brothers. Our destiny was to come and know and plant our roots in the beautiful village of Santiago Atitlan. Fortunately, by this time the armed conflict had stopped and this seemed like a great opportunity to begin school again, start a business, and work with more freedom.

In the year 2000, I had my first opportunity to work as a concierge in one of the most prestigious hotels in Santiago Atitlan – La Posada de Santiago. Since that time I have had successful interactions with foreign visitor regarding tourism. This subject attracted my attention and I began to dedicate time for birdwatching since 2012, this was when I formally began the marvelous adventures with my feathered friends. Throughout my career I have gotten to know and spend time with many experienced birdwatchers. This has motivated me to continue with this work and constantly striving each day to know more.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to formally study in a Tourism Birdwatching Course, to learn about the variety of native and migratory bird species in Guatemala. Also in 2015, INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute) gave me the opportunity to become an accredited guide. Since that time I have looked for opportunities to learn more about birdwatching tourism and ecotourism. Currently, I just completed and Advanced Birdwatching Guide course through the Audubon Society and other organizations. This was a dream come true to continue working in what I love, promote my community and country for birdwatching, and climbing mountains and volcanoes.

One my greatest rewards is to be a father to my two children and through my work I hope to make a better future for them. I currently speak two Maya languages – K’iché and Tz’utujil, as well as Spanish, and learning English. Each day I try to learn another language so I can communicate with everyone.

Santiago Atitlan

Tepepul, Paquisis, Los Tarrales

K’iché, Tz’utujil, Spanish, English


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